Hippy Field: 1

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Color Test: #9ab337
Editor Test: I'm testing the custom fields. Their usage has been pleasing to me so far. It offers me a lot of new options that might or might not be of use to me now, or perhaps in the future.
Hippy Field: 76

Hello, Soldier.

Welcome to our live field test where we are testing one of the new weapons in Joomla in real life. Be careful, because we are using live content-ammo.

So keep your chin up, but keep your head down, keep your eyes open and your mouth closed, and storm towards the enemy: a lack of fields in a CMS!

Why did I buy Tracer? I haven't got a clue. Here's a video of her.

This page demonstrates various methods of adding videos into an article.


Youtube video (using JCE)

Youtube Embed (iFrame)

Self Hosted

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