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This document contains legal sounding gibberish that's filler content for this page. If you are reading this page, that's great but I'd rather have you read one of the Joomla & More articles or watch one of our videos instead.

1 A subsection

1.1 A Sub-subsection

Words seem to lose their meaning when you repeat them too often, don't they? Think about it. Doesn't the word spoon sound weird to you? Spoon. Spoon. Spooooooooooon. Spoon. Spoon, spoon, spoon.

2 Submitted Personal Data

2.1 User Acocunt

When you register an account, you are asked to provide personal information. This information is used to personalize your site, and some of the information is required for the user account to function properly.

  • Username: An unique username which is required for you to login to the website.
    • Your username cannot be changed.
    • Your username is used for user authentication, and to identify you in the back-end if required.
  • E-mail address: An e-mail address that'll allow us to contact you, mostly through our automated mailing system
    • You can change your e-mail address in your profile
    • Used to send you e-mails about your account (like password changes), and to reset your password. In some rare cases, your e-mail address could be used to send you an e-mail address about your relationship to this website. When that happens, your e-mail address can be added to a temporary mailing list to send you important information. The mailing list will be deleted as soon as the e-mail(s) are sent.
    • We will not use this e-mail address for any marketing mail, and it will not be shared with third parties.
  • Extra Fields: These fields are optional and can be used in certain sections in the site.
    • The information in these fields can be changed at any point in your profile
    • Can be seen in the back-end by our administrators

Changing your personal data can be done in your user profile, with the exception of your username which can't be changed.

Deleting your personal data requires you to send a request to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken., from the address used to register the account. We will not be deleting any personal data if we can't verify the identity of the sender against information that has been provided to us in the past.

Hippy Field: 1

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Color Test: #9ab337
Editor Test: I'm testing the custom fields. Their usage has been pleasing to me so far. It offers me a lot of new options that might or might not be of use to me now, or perhaps in the future.
Hippy Field: 76

Hello, Soldier.

Welcome to our live field test where we are testing one of the new weapons in Joomla in real life. Be careful, because we are using live content-ammo.

So keep your chin up, but keep your head down, keep your eyes open and your mouth closed, and storm towards the enemy: a lack of fields in a CMS!

Why did I buy Tracer? I haven't got a clue. Here's a video of her.


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